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Phillip Dexter MSc. (London) – Lighting Design



  • 'Polo', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Medea', Silo Theatre Company

  • You Can Always Hand Them Back', Auckland Theatre Company


  • 'The Ladykillers', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'The Two Farting Sisters', Petit Workshop

  • 'Under The Same Moon', Omphalos Co.

  • 'Rupert', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Farewell to Eden', Opera Factory

  • 'Heroes', Auckland Theatre Company


  • 'Marsh Show', Dust Palace - Circus Theatre Company

  • 'At The Wake', Multinesia - Herald Theatre Auckland

  • 'Good Soul of Szechaun', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Gloria's Handbag', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Other Desert Cities', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Trees Beneath The Lake', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Christmas Gala', Opera Factory, Auckland

Pictures from 2014


  • 'Midnight in Moscow', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Stock Cars - The Musical', Centerpoint Theatre Palmerston North

  • 'Lord of The Flies', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Anne Boleyn', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Playing Miss Havisham', Willow Theatre Company

Pictures from 2013


  • 'The Gift', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'The Motorcamp', Centerpoint Theatre Palmerston North

  • 'Shortcut To Happiness', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Meeting Karpofsky', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'In The Next Room - The Vibrator Play' Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Shortcut To Happiness', Auckland Theatre Company + National Tour

  • 'Die Fledermaus' Opera Factory Auckland

  • 'At The Wake', Centerpoint Theatre Palmerston North

Pictures from 2012



  • 'Butcher and The Bear', Time Out Theatre, Herald Theatre, Auckland

  • 'Anything Goes', Amici Productions, Civic Theatre, Auckland

  • 'Four Flat Whites in Italy', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Calendar Girls', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Our Man In Havana', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Poor Boy', Auckland Theatre Company

  • 'Meet The Churchills', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Mary Stuart', Auckland Theatre Company

    Pictures from 2011


  • 'Purapurawhetu', Maori Playwrights Festival, Hawkins Centre, Auckland   

  • 'August: Osage County', Auckland Theatre Company - More

  • 'Thomas and Sally', 'The Telephone' Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'Le Sud', Auckland Theatre Company, Auckland

  • 'The Secret of Dong-Ting Lake' The Edge, Concert Chamber, Auckland

  • 'Riders to The Sea', 'The Impresario', Dr Miracle, Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'Purapurawhetu', Concert Chamber , Auckland

  • 'Spamalot', Hawkins Centre, Auckland


  • 'God of Carnage', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Don Juan in Soho', Fortune Theatre, Dunedin

  • 'Rock'n'Roll', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'A Night in Vienna', Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'Betrayal', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Lucky Numbers', Fortune Theatre, Dunedin

  • 'Four Flat Whites in Italy', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • Anne of Green Gables, Theatreworks, Auckland

  • 'Orpheus in The Underworld', Opera Factory, Auckland


  • 'Marriage a la Mode', Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'The Pleasure Garden', Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'Factory Opera', Opera Factory, Auckland

  • 'The Consul', Opera Factory, Auckland - More

  • 'Some Girls' Circa Theatre, Wellington

  • 'Land Without Sundays' Maidment Theatre, Auckland - More

  • 'Santa Claus', Pumphouse, Auckland

  • 'Christmas Gala', Opera Factory, Auckland


  • 'Turandot', NBR Opera, Auckland

  • 'Turandot', NBR Opera, Wellington

  •  'Winslow Boy', Circa Theatre, Wellington - More

  •  'Sour Angelica', Opera Factory, Auckland

  •  'Gianni Schicci', Opera Factory, Auckland

  •  'Lucia di Lammermoor', NBR Opera, Auckland Season - More

  •  'Lucia di Lammermoor', NBR Opera, Wellington Season

  •  'Hushabye Mountain', In The Shape of a Square, Maidment Theatre, Auckland - More

  •  'Uncle Vanya', Circa Theatre, Wellington - More

  •  'The Graduate', Downstage Theatre, Wellington

  •  'Doubt', Circa Theatre, Wellington - More

  •  'L'Enfant et les Sortilege', Opera Factory, Auckland


  •  'Dracula', Downstage, Wellington 

  •  'The Blond, The Brunette & The Vengeful Redhead' Auckland Theatre Company - More

  •  'Long Day's Journey into Night', Court Theatre, Christchurch

  •  'The Goat', Downstage, Wellington - More

  •  'Cosi', Opera Factory, Auckland

  •  'Marriage of Figaro', Opera Factory, Auckland

  •  'Doubt', Auckland Theatre Company - More

  •  'Playing Miss Havisham', Circa Theatre, Wellington

  •  'The Blond, The Brunette & The Vengeful Redhead', Downstage, Wellington

  •  'Christmas Gala' Opera Factory, Auckland


  •  'Oliver', Court Theatre, Christchurch

  •  'Little Shop of Horrors', Downstage Theatre Company - More 

  •  'Up For Grabs' Auckland Theatre Company - More

  •  'Peter Pan' Aotea Centre, Auckland

  •  ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ Court Theatre, Christchurch

  •  'Equus' Auckland Theatre Company - More


  •  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Tokyo, Japan

  •  ‘Evita – 2004' National Tour

  •  ‘Vincent in Brixton’ Court Theatre, Christchurch

  •  ‘Amici’ Opera Band Sky City Theatre, Auckland

  •  ‘Sound of Music’ Aotea Centre, Auckland

  •  ‘Three Days of Rain’ Court Theatre, Christchurch


  •  ‘Shakespeare Festival’ Kew Gardens, London

  •  ‘Turn of the Screw’ (Britten) Royal College of Music, London

  •  ‘Henry V’ Shakespeare’s Globe, London

  •  ‘Gala’ English National Ballet School, London


  •  ‘Shakespeare in Season’ Hampton Court, Richmond, London

  •  ‘Twelfth Night’ Shakespeare’s Globe London

  •  ‘Shakespeare in Love’ The Great Hall, 2 Temple Place, London


  •  ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Britten) Festival Theatre, Edinburgh/London

  •  ‘Selections’ Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden London

  •  ‘The Shawl’,  Donmar Warehouse London

  •  ‘I Love’ Stratford Circus, London

  •  ‘Henry V’, Shakespeare’s Globe, London



  •  ‘Jackie Manson’ Royal Opera House, Covent Garden London

  •  ‘Macbeth’ Shakespeare’s Globe, London

  •  ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Britten) Royal College of Music, London

  •  ‘The Proposal’ Private Drama, Blenheim Palace

  •  ‘Bed Time Stories’ Stratford Circus, London

  •  Much Ado about Nothing’ Shakespeare’s Globe, London


  •  ‘La Bohème’  Royal College of Music, London

  •  ‘Sorrie d'or’ Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘President's Variety Performance’ Britten Theatre, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in attendance

  •  ‘Variety Performance’ Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘Silas Marner’ London College of Music, St Paul’s, London

  •  ‘Nabucco’ Northern Opera, Newcastle


  •  ‘Salina Jones in concert’ HMV/EMI, Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘The Graduation’ English National Ballet School, Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘Midsummer Night's Dream’ Royal College of Music Opera, Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘Russian Ballet’ RSB Corp, Britten Theatre, London


  •  ‘Patron's Variety Performance’ Britten Theatre, The Prince of Wales in attendance

  •  ‘Bearing Fruit’ Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Jeff Banks Loves My Sister’ Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Jeffery Dahmar is Unwell’ Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Janam Janam Ki Maili Chaddar’ Tamasil, Lahore, Pakistan


  •  ‘Liberal Psychotic’ Nick Rivel, Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Heart and Soul’ Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Ten Women in a one woman show’ Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Proms96 BBC - Summer Concerts’ BBC - Britten Theatre, London

  •  ‘The Ghost of John Belushi Flushed My Toilet’ Nick Rivel, Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘Women Beware Women’ Duke of Cambridge Theatre, London

  •  ‘Oedipus the King’ Duke of Cambridge Theatre, London


  •  ‘Ashes’ The Poor School, London

  •  ‘Chess’ The Grand Theatre, Leeds

  •  ‘DeBuk’ Sparring Partners, Hampstead Theatre, London

  •  ‘On Borrowed Time’ Dir: Imelda Staunton, Southwark Playhouse, London

  •  ‘Alcazar’ Alcazar Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand

Note: all performances for the Shakespeare’s Globe are for versions transferred to the Underglobe for special and out of season performances.


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