Phillip Dexter M.Sc. (London) – Lighting Design

Phillip studied lighting design in New Zealand under the guidance of Jacquie Hardinge during the mid 80s’ while lighting a considerable amount of work in New Zealand including designs for the then Perkel Opera Company. His method is derived from the hands on approach that is now widely understood produces designers who are creative and imaginative while working efficiently.

In 1991 Phillip moved to London to study international approaches to lighting design. This was achieved by practical experience through holding posts in lighting at prestigious London theatres including Hampstead Theatre, The Royal College of Music opera conservatory, The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, and the recently opened Stratford Circus (pdf) multiple auditorium performance complex.

During the early 90s’ Phillip developed his creative side further by working alongside such international designers as David Hearsey, Mark Henderson and Mike Hughes. He has since gone on to establish himself as a well-known and respected lighting designer in England and abroad.

Phillip has specialised in lighting opera, ballet, musicals and plays and has received acclaim both from his peers and the national press.

With the desire to understand the science of light, in 2002, Phillip returned to university to pursue a Masters degree in light and lighting at the University College London. This was completed in September 2003. The degree has broadened his work base and allows him to prepare designs for medium to large televised events where precisely calculated light levels are essential. It has also allowed Phillip to extend his design skills into the architectural arena with considerable success.

Recent notices include:

‘August: Osage County  Dir: Colin McColl

"…masterfully lit by Phillip Dexter..."

Theatreview, Nik Smythe, NZ

"…the surreal quality is neatly reinforced by Phillip Dexter's moody, crepuscular lighting..."

The Herald, Paul Simei-Barton, NZ


Turandot’  Dir: Christopher Alden

"…Dexter's design is excellent..."

Theatreview, Kate Ward-Smythe, NZ

"…Phillip Dexter's lighting is striking and thought provoking"

The Listener, Rod Biss, NZ

"…the lighting (is) compelling and draws us into the spectacle"


"Crucial to its success (is) Phillip Dexter's lighting ...such a unity of conception...a mind in tune with Puccini's intentions"



‘Lucia di Lammermore  Dir: Lindy Hume

"…Phillip Dexter's virtuoso lighting is apparent..."

NZ Herald, William Dart, NZ

"…worthy of Caravaggio..."

Listener, Roger Wilson, NZ


‘Dracula  Dir: Catherine Downes

"…film noir lighting..."

Dominion Post, Laurie Atkinson, NZ

"…selective lighting...keeping us on the edge"

Theatre view, John Smythe, NZ


‘Evita  Dir: Michael McLean

"…Magnificent…stunning lighting"

Christchurch Star, Barry Grant, NZ

"…lighting straight from the world of the rock concert"

The Press, Timothy Jones, Christchurch

"…enhanced by the atmospheric lighting of Phillip Dexter…"

Capital Times, Garth Wilshere, Wellington


‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Dir: John Copley

"… effectively lit by Phillip Dexter…"

EVENING STANDARD, Tom Sutcliffe, London

"… interlacing trees boskily lit by Phillip Dexter."

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, Michael Kennedy, London

"… complemented by imaginative lighting… "

THE LONDON METRO, Warick Thompson

"…beautifully lit…"

CLASSICAL MUSIC, Melanie Eskenazi, London


‘Turn of the Screw' Dir: John Copley

"…dramatic hues…"

THE TIMES, Robert Thicknesse, London

"…well lit…"

MUSICAL POINTERS, Peter Graham Wolf, London


Full copies of reviews available on request.

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